the collection...

the collection of fun things we have in the baby room.

just a few more days until my due date....monday, august 15th.

we're so excited and ready to meet our little plum.

1babyrm4.jpg 1babyrm2.jpg

wall sculpture by margaret meehan

orange debri by conrad bakker

pale pink dumy doll from my momma

sloth painting by michael sieben

chris' stuffed animal puppy from when he was youngster

1babyrm3.jpg 1babyrm1.jpg

pale pink dollie by jade walker

black plush scupture by margaret meehan

sophie giraffe from my aunt & uncle

cornelius the crocheted yellow monster

princess pickle finger puppet by christa mares of yellow baby

1babyrm5.jpg crib.jpg

painting by ashley g

peach dollie by jade walker

owl rattle from jay and anastasia

floppy eared plush: thrift find

finger puppet by christa mares of yellow baby 

glass lamp: ikea

black rubber piggy bank we bought in japan

leo the lion stuffie from st. lou friend, margret

mobile from future perfect

and chris made her an awesome crib.