kombucha.jpg out of studio interest: no i have not captured squid to keep in my kitchen. this is my kombucha. kombucha is a fermented tea that dates back to 400-500B.C. in china. it takes about 7-14 days for the first fermentation and the second fermentation occurs after it is bottled. the white/tan floating disc shapes you see in the jars is called the scoby (aka: mother, baby, zooglea), short for "symbiosis culture of bacteria & yeast". i have "grown/fermented" 2 batches already and am learning more about it as i go. to learn more or if your interested in making it yourself do your homework first by going to www.getkombucha.com and sign up for the 7 day free course. also the www.happyherbalist.com and go to "how to make kombucha" is a good informative site too. for the curious: kombucha tastes like a tart acidic barely sweet bubbly drink.....it's said to be an acquired taste. i love it like crazy!!