oh serro scotty, where are you now??

chris and i bought this serro scotty "fixer upper" trailer several years ago with plans to give it a bit of much needed tlc and then take it out on the open road.  yeah, hahahahaha, that didn't happen!  we sold it when we bought our house...we figured we would have our hands full with projects for some time to come.  every time i see a picture of the scotty it tugs at my heart strings.  it would be such a grand adventure to be able to take this on a few road trips when the weather is nice.  ahh, someday we'll have a new little zoomer to pull along and snuggle down under the stars.serro-scotty.jpg i guess it's in my blood.....here is my great grandma (gaga), great grandpa (papa cook) and my uncle cameron...i would guess in the 50's.  i love old pictures.....this one is a favorite of mine.