ploymer-rings.jpg yummy....these look good enough to eat. yep, that's the ticket. these rings were inspired by one of my favorite candy's as a kid.....the pop ring lollipop. now i just need to make some with the band open at the bottom so it's adjustable like the plastic ones from the pop ring lolli. these are made with sterling silver and polymer clay. i have used polymer in my work before but only as pieces that are formed, baked and then set like a stone. this is my first attempt at making them as the ultimate focus...without any embellishments or metal accents. i hope to incorporate this idea in a necklace or earrings. i also want to make some rings with two candy candy would be polymer and the other lobe would be a fabric pillow inside a metal cage system. geez, there is not enough hours in the day......i better get busy.

now that they are finished i think of:

a clown nose for the red ring

a sea sponge when i see the blue and orange one

and a sweettart when i see the pink one....all things lovely, wonderful and worth appreciating