"ornament" pg. 42 & 43

stack-pillow-ring-1.jpgstack-pillow-ring-3.jpgstack-pillow-ring2.jpgstack-pillow-ring4.jpg have you ever had that moment where something crazy exciting & euphoric happens. when you feel like 1. everything in the room stops and 2. someone stole your breath away.  last night i had this exact experience.  chris and i went into book people the most amazing book store here in austin.  i was browsing the magazine section to find a few craft/art/jewelry magazines that i could find "call for entry" information.  i picked up the ornament: the art of personal adornment magazine and was flipping thru to see the images as i made my way to the back of the magazine.  i noticed a few ring images that looked familiar from "the ring show: then and now" and as i flipped one more page there was a picture of my "cake pillow ring".  hot damn, "what the frogs", i think my heart stopped for a moment.  i had know idea.  i couldn't belief my eyes.  my piece was right there in the magazine with my name and everything.  i ran over to chris to share the excitement.  i was so ecstatic i didn't even bother reading the article.........i was too busy having a party in my head.  the article says, "and jaime jo fisher won third place with Cake Pillow Ring, an oxidized silver ring that features graduated stacked pillows of bright pink plastic from a rain poncho with green stitching, capitalizing on her interest in using repurposed materials and her experience as a cake decorator."  pick up ornament: volume 31 no. 5 to read the whole article.  thanks for listening to me toot my own horn.....toot toot!!  happy saturday  :O)

here is the magazine....


i love the allison bone ring in the lower right corner below my ring and i also wish i could try on the ring by yael krakowski (upper left corner).  i was fortunate enough to actually see yael's work in person at a charon kranson trunk show that happens here in austin in november.  her work is off the charts amazing....but they didn't have any of her rings there so i am extra curious about this one.  plus it's absolutely my colors  :O)  i love that it's opposite my ring in the magazine.