strawberry tier pillow bracelet

poncho-bracelet.jpg here is a peak at what my new work is like. this bracelet was made of a poncho and estee lauder bag i got at my favorite thrift store here in austin. it's called the blue hanger. it's a goodwill, but for some reason it goes by blue hanger. i was totally "busted" that day while shopping there. even though i love this place, i have only been there a few times...well, because you have to play good defense when you go there. it is always crazy busy and super noisy. the way this place operates is this: you go in and typically all the carts are taken. i usually can find a plastic crate and random ribbon and tie the ribbon to the crate....viola, "shopping cart". i am up and down the aisles which consist of rows of large wooden bins used to dump all manner of things. this place is categorized into two groups, clothes and misc. i walk into an aisle because i spot these pale blue squares that from afar appear to be plastic-y. when i get closer and i can check out the blue squares, deciding whether i think they have "jewelry potential" one of the workers hollers out to get my attention and starts shaking his head at me.......and says "not yet, no, not yet" and then i realize that there are 25-ish people standing at the end of these bins waiting to get in on the action. apparently while the bins are being stocked with the goods it is not permitted to shop that area until they blow the horn. well, i had heard this horn theory about the blue hanger, but at that point was in way over my head so i just played the dumb card. if looks could kill, i would have been a goner, 25 times over, with all the evil eyes i got from the people that were patiently lined up. the funny thing is that the blue squares were stacks of "wee wee pads" that can be used to potty train your puppy......yep, they are gross...don't ask me why there is a market for them. BUT, the point is nobody else would have wanted those things but me. as a matter of fact when the horn did blow and everyone raced into grab, dig, push and scavenge for their treasure of interest, the woman next to me took the time to hand me a stack of wee wee pads that were next to her. it took me three attempts to get out of that aisle and remove myself from the pandemonium.

all and all, my trip to the blue hanger was a success story. i came away with a rain poncho, an estee lauder bag, an orange napa valley tote bag, a garment bag in black, a frog floatee, an adult raft in neon transparent yellow and a few other random things. this hectic trip made the strawberry tier pillow bracelet a reality. there is nothing like finding the right material to make me dive into the studio head first.

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