quinoa dish...

1 cup of dry quinoa

a splash of sesame oil

1 head of broccolli

2 cups of frozen corn

a bundle of swiss chard

juice of one lemon

1 T paprika

salt and pepper

1 cup of raw cashews

in pot add quinoa and 2 cups of water til boiling, then turn down to low and cover. let cook 20 minutes. stir a few times. once quinoa has finished cooking, remove from heat, stir and let set with lid on until everything else is done. the heat inside the pot will help the quinoa steam dry a bit so it's more crumbly vs. wet and all stuck together. chop broccoli small and greens. add sesame oil to the pan and cook broccoli on stove for 10 minutes or until broccoli is browned a bit, then add corn and repeat til browned, (this is just to get some brown/slight char bits on some of the veggies) then add greens til they wilt. add paprika, salt, pepper & lemon juice. roast cashews in dry skillet til the cashews are slightly browned and fragrant. add quinoa, veggies and cashews in a large bowl and stir. add a dash of cayenne and stir in....yumm!!!