starbs.jpg as i am sitting here updating some images on my etsy page with a few new pieces i'm feeling like i need a starbs today.  i have a few things to finish in the studio....a sold piece on etsy and the birthday gift for a male client, a going away party for some good friends of ours who are moving to harrisburg, pa, and a backyard drink and fire shin-dig this evening.  i better get in gear and get a move on....none of those plans include a trip to starbs so i am going to pretend and make one at home  urggghhh  :(   never quite the same.  but, it will suffice.

a resin ring maker, molly emailed me this morning and told me i was on the front page of etsy this week.  i missed it both times....but was super happy to find out.  thanks, molly!!!

happy sunday.