sore, starbs, that order

earringorder.jpg yesterday was my first day back to yoga......yeah, i felt so much better the rest of the day.  it's amazing how i can have such a strong class when i haven't been in a while. i guess i really needed it.  i am so sore this morning though.  i feel like i've been run over by a truck this morning.  i was good and flexible in class yesterday but being away for a week will lead to this "morning after" feeling.  all is good though, i plan on going to starbs with a friend this morning. then, i will come home and work in the studio on this all new and exciting earring order.  i am psyched about the colors i have selected.  i thought it would be tricky trying to get a fall theme going since i am so obsessed with fall colors but it is moving along.  offered here is a picture of the stones i will make into a fun round of earrings.  oh yeah, and i have a studio visit with a customer today.  i will top that cake off with a yoga class at 6:30pm and then some snuggle down and a movie with chris late this evening.  sounds like a good friday to me :O)

happy friday!!